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Russia, the world's largest country, stretches over a vast expanse of eastern Europe and northern Asia. Russia is a land of superlatives, spanning 11-time zone, and incorporating a great range of environments and land-forms; from deserts to semiarid steppes to deep forests. 

Whether you’re a culture vulture in search of inspiration from great artists, an adventure addict looking for snow capped peaks and volcano treks,  in love with exploring wildlife, or  in search for quaint villages and cafes; Russia amply delivers. 

We urge you to experience the unseen Russia, and go beyond the popular trails of Moscow and St Petersburg. Here are our recommendations for you to choose from -  

Tuva Night sky.jpg


Tuva was part of Mongolia, but brought under USSR in the Bolshevik war. It's a beautiful mixture of Mongolian and Russian culture. You can experience Mongolian culture, visit a shaman, listen to unique throat singing from a member of the Tuva national orchestra and then visit burial grounds in endless steppes from the Ghengis Khan era. You also stay with the actual nomads in a traditional yurt.  It's a beautiful destination with green hills, rivers steppes, and mountain taiga with no other family around. 



Kamchatka is a unique place on earth. There are no roads to this place. You will visit active volcanoes, fly in a helicopter over the volcano peaks, and experience the land of geysers. You can also visit Kuril lake where you see Russian brown bears up close and then enjoy a natural geyser bath. You can trek to active volcanoes on snow-white peaks, walk to the top of an old volcano and view endless blue lakes and glaciers from there. You'll tent with no human for 200 km all within the safety of your guide in a DIY manner.



In Baikal you will travel on that part of the Trans Siberian railway where one side will be the lake and another side will be the mountains. This is one of the oldest parts of the track. Here you will be able to get down of the train to explore caves, viewpoints, and tunnels. You'll also stay in an old Siberian town/village and come back through a ferry over the Baikal lake. You'll explore the city of Irkutsk. Once a destination for Stalin to send its prisoners, Irkutsk now has Mongolian influence, beautiful cafes, and is famous for old Russian wooden houses. One day will be spent in a small town on the edge of Lake Baikal where you can indulge in boat rides, fishing, and capture the lake from jaw-dropping viewpoints.



Suzdal is a quaint little ancient town in the golden ring circuit, decorated with numerous kremlins.  Walk through the villages, the first Russian capital, while taking Insta worthy photos in front of beautiful Russian dacha houses. You can also visit Vladimir and Ivanovo on this circuit. Suzdal will be remembered for its enchanting beauty and little walks by the river for days to come. 

Russia Dombay Elbrus_Final-Tone_WV.jpg


The Ski capital of Russia, with a crazy view of Europe's highest peak, Mount Elbrus, this Caucasus mountain-region shares the border with Georgia. Breathtaking roads to mountains, green virgin lakes, hikes within forest - there's a lot to experience in this Karachay region. You can also have an open cable car ride to reach the unreal mountain-ridges, and enjoy the snow around you.


HOW are we better than others

Experiences and Locations which are not covered by the regular travel operators

Each experience, hotel, guide, visited and vetted by Riddhi herself

24*7 chat support during the travel

Completely transparent item wise costing


This is the first time I trusted someone else with my trips and I am so happy I did. Right from the hectic planning just in a matter of 6 days to its seamless execution, everything was so perfect. 


The daily support on WhatsApp was something that I never heard of earlier. Someone from the team was always there to help in case I had any issues. And the best part is, you connected me with awesome partners in a land far far away! And even the feedback collection process at the end of the trip was so extensive and genuine!


This couple is so good and humorous too! I feel safe and happy! Excited for the next 2 days..


Yes! You don't know how excited I am for the volcanoes and also very happy about the camping setup. Had the time of my life!😀 Yes yes...I felt so loved. Volcanoes are my big-time love. With Kamchatka, I could not only see them, but walk in them..


As my travel time is nearing, I suddenly felt a lot of gratitude for you guys.Thanks so much for suggesting offbeat places and planning everything in detail for me! 


And on top of that, you ppl are making everything seamless. Nothing for me to worry about 😀. Not even tomorrow's breakfast. You take care of that 😀 from India. My husband is already surprised with the impeccable support 😀


Appreciate the personal attention and all along, it was like a discussion with friends!

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